A Meat & Delicatessen Shop on Corfu Island

Interior Design

April 2021


Corfu Old Town, Greece

Lavranos Delimeat

Design Team:
Eva Lavranou,
Stamos Vergis,
Aris Euthumiadis

Antonis Sarris

Interior Styling:
Alexandros Makridis,
Eva Lavranou

Lavranos Delimeat is a refurbishment and renovation project located in the heart of Corfu Old Town. The project seeks to expand the idea of a traditional butcher shop into a shop where one can find a wide variety of selected Greek products, cheese, Charcuterie, and wine. The initial space had many limitations since two very old buildings were merged in a non-designed way. However, it offered also the chance to create two different entry and exit points, one on the front side of the square and one on the side of the alley “cantouni”.

The main concept was to construct the idea of a covered market by creating a circular movement that would blend the shop with the town. The elevations were completely reconstructed according to the buildings’ initial Venetian architecture. In the gray-palette interior, all the refrigerators are bare, the working spaces are made from stainless steel to be easily cleaned and the most important material that attracts the vision is the roof and the big shelf case from copper.

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