A food sharing hub to reduce food waste.

Competition Entry


Design Team:
Eva Lavranou,
Chaido Kaproulia

Tons of food in the cities today are being wasted. This is not only an ethical or economic issue but it also has tremendous environmental implications. FoodCloud is a food sharing hub that could be placed in vacant lots in every city and aims to benefit the neighborhood socially and environmentally with food redistribution. When someone has surplus food he/she gives it away either by visiting the hub or requesting a pick-up through the app. Afterwards, the items are being checked and sorted and either moved to the store, to the kitchen or to the storage. The store offers all items for free. Every day there is a menu, offered at a very low-price to ensure that the hub is self-sufficient. The leftovers are being composted and then used as fertilizer for the small garden.

People can go to FoodCloud to leave the extra food, enjoy a well-prepared meal with friends and neighbors, take a free food item that they need, participate in workshops or volunteer to cook for the neighborhood. There is always access to drinkable water and to the toilet. Architecture may not be able to solve the food waste problem completely but by creating places for social interaction it can fight against climate change.

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