A 18sqm urban hotel room in Athens city center.

Entry for ‘ROOM18’ Competition organized by DOMa Magazine, Shortlisted 15 best proposals, Exhibited in Benaki Museum


Design Team:
Eva Lavranou, Chaido Kaproulia

Athens is so close yet so far from the sea. Water it is not part of urban planning but a strict limit. To eliminate this limit, the room "floods" with water and parts of the floor recede, creating small pools. The furniture is designed as islands, formed of pure geometric volumes of white greek marble. The city invades the room from two openings, creating a contrast between the purity and hardness of the interior, and the noisy, turbulent exterior. The traveler experiences the idea of paradise composed of water, plants and white light - the ultimate greek cliché - in the noisy center of Athens.  

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